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Types of Body Piercing Jewelry

Various types of piercing jewelry are available. Some people opt for titanium piercing jewelry. Others prefer other materials such as wood or silicone. In this article, we will discuss the different types of body jewelry and give a brief overview of each. We will also look at nose piercing jewelry and body piercing jewelry. Listed below are some useful tips on choosing piercing jewelry. To find the perfect jewelry for you, read on.

titanium piercing jewelry

If you have a new piercing, titanium earring sets are a great choice. Titanium is lightweight and strong, and unlike surgical steel, titanium is free of nickel. Additionally, titanium is biocompatible, meaning that you don't need to worry about allergic reactions. Similarly, titanium earring sets come in a variety of pretty colours thanks to anodising. Niobium is another soft, hypoallergenic metal, but it's too soft to be used as piercing jewelry.
While titanium earring sets may cost a little more than other materials, the benefits of titanium piercing jewelry are well worth the price tag. Although titanium piercing jewelry is more expensive than some other options, the decreased risk of complications makes them a great choice for new piercings. This writer is a freelance health and fitness writer based in Vancouver, Canada. Her experience includes medical and health topics, as well as interviews with medical experts. When not writing about health and fitness, she spends her free time surfing, stand-up paddling, and hiking with her husband.
In addition to being light and strong, titanium earring sets are biocompatible. This means that you won't experience any skin reaction when wearing your titanium piercing jewelry. Because titanium is inert, it doesn't react with your body's fluids, making titanium piercing jewelry the best choice for people with allergies to metals. It also offers a variety of different designs, which makes it a versatile choice.

nose piercing jewelry

When you have your nose pierced, you can choose from an assortment of different nose rings and studs. The materials used for the piercing can range from stainless steel and surgical grade steel to gold and mixed metals. While stainless steel and titanium are inexpensive and hypoallergenic, you may want to choose 14K gold if you're looking for a truly beautiful and unique piece of jewelry.
Choosing the right nose ring and studs is an important decision that will affect how the piercing will look after a couple of months. When choosing nose rings, you want to consider the length of your nostril. In the beginning, everyone will need some extra length to account for swelling, drainage, and cleaning. If the nose piercing jewelry you choose is too long, you can get it bent to a smaller size.
If you're thinking about getting your nose pierced, it's a good idea to have it professionally done. Most piercings are carried out at an 18 gauge, but many choose to downsize after the healing process. The 20 gauge size allows for more jewelry choices than 18 gauge. However, you'll need to consult with your piercer to know if the piercing is right for you.

body piercing jewelry

Biological organic materials such as wood and quartz are common for body piercings. They are biocompatible and lightweight, but are more difficult to insert into the body. Also, they tend to be warm and allow the body to breathe more than other materials. While wood is biocompatible, it can dry and crack with prolonged exposure to moisture. Furthermore, improper cleaning and manufacturing of body piercing jewelry can transfer bacteria to the skin.
Biocompatibility: Initial piercings should only be adorned with jewelry that does not react or tarnish with the skin. After the initial healing process, healed piercings are more tolerant of jewelry. To ensure biocompatibility, the Association of Professional Piercers has published a revised Minimum Standard for Jewelry for Initial Piercings. This document specifies the minimum materials and construction requirements for initial piercing jewelry. The Association of Professional Piercers recommends certain metals, glass, and select plastic polymers.
Metal jewelry made of titanium contains less than.05 percent nickel. It is one of the strongest metals available but is also the most expensive. It comes in a variety of colors and is suited for fresh piercings. Glass jewelry is also available in the market, under popular trademarks. Its color reflects the thickness of the oxide layer. The jewelry is safe if it does not get affected by the chemicals used to produce it.

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